test e dbol cylcle......good/bad?

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    test e dbol cylcle......good/bad?

    any thoughts or experiences with these 2 stacked?

    does anyone know if aas show up on employment drug tests?

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    yeah its good... i did one myself... .. ill send you info on this....hit me up with ur email .. ill send u some info..

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    it's a basic cycle that just about everybody will achieve gains on with the right diet. however I wouldn't use dbol if your body fat is out of control

    employers don't test for AAS, it's way to expensive and not a problem that they worry about.
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    yes, those 2 stack well together. hit the dbol for the first 4 weeks as you wait on the test e to kick in.

    as it was already stated, it's very unlikely for your employer to test you for AAS...never heard of it, unless you're a professional/college athlete

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