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protein shake before workout ???

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    protein shake before workout ???

    I work out in the morning around 5am with no time to eat breakfast. I have read conflicting stories that Muscle Milk should be drank during day. I drink Cytogainer Post w/o. But what should I hav in the morning. I know everyone will say FOOD, but really there is no time for me. Would WHEY be for PWO. I am trying to gain mass.

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    if your trying to gain take cyto gainer before and after. Doesn't have to be a full serving. don't want to workout on a empty stomach. I take this with whey pre workout but Im not trying to gain

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    Whey protein is a great tool to use before and after, but need to add some kind of carb.

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    There are carb preworkout gels that you can take. Bicyclers use them a lot for the tour de france because having the high carb intake with no time for rest is a must. I think Powerbar makes a carb gel you can get that's pretty inexpensive.

    In the morning, especially if you're working out first thing, carbs are the most important thing you can have for energy. This is both for your brain, and your muscles. Your body will break down a lot of sekeletal muscle if you don't give it the carb fuel you need, which is counterproductive to gaining any kind of mass. After your workout in the morning I would suggest some type of sports drink that has protein in it as well. You'll need to restore your electrolytes and carbs, as well as have the protein for your muslces to rebuild with.

    Also the morning is the best time to take your vitamines, so you'll have good nutrients that you'll need for the rest of the day that you may not get from food. As a baseline, take a couple potent multivitamins and a B-complex. Other options could include Vit E and Omega-3s.

    Hope this helps some, any more questions just ask. I'll be around day to day.
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