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Upper back exercises for hurt lower back

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    Upper back exercises for hurt lower back

    A couple weeks ago I tweaked my lower left back on a deadlift. Ever since then I've stayed away from the deads and squats to rest it but it seems that even other exercises that put stress on my lower back seem to bring back the sudden shooting pain and start my recovery process over again. Sometimes its simple moves such as bending over and tying my shoe that sends the shooting pain in my lower left back and in my glut area.

    I talked to our nurse at work to see if she thought I needed to see a doc and she suggested to possibly give it some time on its own to heal before seeing a doc and spending a bunch of money on an MRI, etc to diagnose a slipped disc. She said to try to give it about a month to see how it progressed. I'm all for this advice because I worked/rehabbed my way through two shoulder injuries (unrelated to lifting) on my own last year without a doctor.

    I want to continue to hit the gym and also work my upper back without putting ANY stress on my lower back. What are some good exercises you suggest?
    Some the nurse and I came up with are: Lying rear delt row, lying lateral raise, and dumbbell lying row. All chinups and pullups are fine and I'll continue them as well. Any others you suggest? Any ideas what may be hurt? She listed several possibilities but I was wondering if anybody else has gone though the same thing.

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    Pull ups, lat pull downs.

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