Turning a Split into a Full Body...

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    Turning a Split into a Full Body...

    So let's say you did a traditional 3 day split on Mon. Wed. and Fri. following a push/pull/legs hitting each bodypart hard, once a week.

    If you were to spread that out into three, full-body workouts Mon. Wed. Fri. how would with this fair in your opinion?

    For example, Let's say for 'Pull' day, you did: Closegrip Chins, Bentover Rows, and Deadlifts all in one workout. Could you then do something like: Chins on Monday, Bentover Rows on Wednesday, and Deadlifts on Friday?

    For 'Push' instead of Dips, Incline Dumbell and Flat Dumbell all in one workout, you could take each exercise, isolate them, and then do them on a different day?

    Could this be effective for building mass, or could it lead to overtraining fairly soon.

    FYI, sets would be likely kept in the 6-10 rep range and stopped a rep or 2 short of failure.

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    yes, you could do something like that, although deadlifts are more a leg exercise than anything.

    I would just take 2 training days and spread them over 3 workouts with different set x rep ranges.
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    Thanks P-Funk.
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    I moved deadlifts to back day 'cause leg day was full

    So are you saying you are going to be doing push/pull/legs all in one day, 3 times a week?
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    I am doing full body right now. I have it set up like:

    Workout A

    Lower Push
    Upper Push - Horizontal
    Lower Pull
    Upper Pull - Horizontal

    Workout B

    Lower Pull
    Upper Pull - vertical
    Lower Push
    Upper Push - vertical
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