Shoulder Injury/Recovery

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    Shoulder Injury/Recovery

    Ok, so I was pretty proud the other day and finally up to benching my body weight, it's been a long time coming.. Ok, so it kept increasing as well.. lol..

    Anyway, I was lifting the 230lbs and felt something in my shoulder, kind of an ache. So I completed my set. Looking back I should have quit there. But I'm dumb..

    Sunday, I tested out the shoulder.. It was soar, but nothing I thought was real bad, the pain was more in a band on the front of the shoulder. Almost where the Pec and Delt join. This pain doesn't feel like a tear, and I have 90% mobility in it, and strength. But there is still the ache..

    Since there wasn't alot of pain, I started to work on my shoulders, Arnolds, lateral raises, etc.. That's when the pain really started..

    So, yes, I know I need to go to the doctor before returning to the gym. But what should I be discribing this as. My doctor is not a sports doc by any means..

    Thanks guys..

    And I went from a 130lbx12x4 bench, to 230x4x12 in 2 months.. My happy moment.. lol.. We'll see what it is when I can bench again..

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    Protracted shoulder girdle? Internally rotated humeri? Check those out and balance your push and pull.

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    So went into Physio today, and the doc told me, I have tearing in my bicep brachii and pec minor.. It's minor, but painful.. Nice I thought..

    Inflamation for the first week, and then rehabilitation for the next 4-6.. Pretty much illiminates shoulders, chest and back training..

    Anything I can do to speed recovery?

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    Ice and rest.

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    I just had the same thing, took a week and a half off of heavy activity. The pain is gone and I'm feeling fine. My doc did not give me a specific time frame. He told me to take it easy and let it heal. Started working out again and doing fine.
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    Hey Sin - I hope your shoulder heals quickly mate - never like to hear people are injured. Good luck.

    Can I just ask when you said you went from 130lbx12x4 bench, to 230x4x12 do you mean that or 130lbx12x4 bench, to 230x12x4? I' not sure how you measured your progress you see... just curious. Again - good luck!
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    Well I usually do:

    130lbs x 12 reps x 4 sets

    Then in the last month, I jumped to:


    I had a max press at the start of about 220lbsx1 maybe 2.. No spotter of course.

    I just started doing:

    180lbs x 8 x 4 - I would put more than 8 if I could, but would concentrate to make 8 min.

    I figured I'd see what I could do for max, and put my body weight on 230lbs. I'm a little more, but seem to flux 5-7 lbs.. I did 3.5 then dropped it back down to 180x8x4.. it was on my second set of 8 that I felt the ache start..

    Just as a point, because I don't have a spotter, I use the smith machine, as the bar will hook in, in an emergency. I've bounced 180lbs, that was good enough for me.. ouch.. When I reference my lbs, this is plate weight, not including a weight for the machine bar, as I have no idea what it is weighing in at..

    On the day I injured myself..

    Rear Lat Pulldowns - 100lbsx12x4
    Reverse Smith Press - Body weight x 10 x 4
    Single Arm Cable pull downs - 60lbs x 10 x 4

    Bench - 180x10x4
    Front Dips - BW x 8 x 4
    Medicine Ball pushups - 14x4 (Place one hand on ball, pushup, switch hands, pushup)

    The pain stopped me half way through the dips, so I finished off the pushups, and went home.. lol.. Looking back I should have called it a day, when the pain started..

    Ice, and Physio for 3 weeks.. Hope it heals quick.. This is killing me.. I have so much free time.. I'm going out of my mind.. Cardio, Abs, and Legs will be un real.. lol

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