Candida Question..Just For the Mods/Doctors or other Well-Educated

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    Question Candida Question..Just For the Mods/Doctors or other Well-Educated

    for extreme candida which has spread through the bloodstream and reached the brain, CNS, bronchial tubes, urinary track, colon, etc..will the anti-candida diet always work, or can there be a backup problem which, if left untreated, will keep the candida alive? I say this because the longest I can last on the no gluten/sugar diet is about 1 week; then my body crashes. I get these horrible stomach and headaches that will not go away, no matter how much Advil Or ibuprofen I take. It seems that if it were just a candida problem, my body wouldn't have such a horrible reaction to the diet. In fact, I would feel better. Is there an approach that has been successful in the treatment of this disorder that any doctor or member here can vouch for?
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    There are tests and prescriptions. I've had both. However, I've never had a test that said it was in my brain so I'm not sure why you say this unless your immune system is horrible or you read to much on the Internet. Anyhow, I blew out my my diaphragm and put part of my stomach through it, a hiatal hernia from lifting weights in my twenties. This gave me problems with acid reflux. So I take a drug that makes it so I have little stomach acid. This in turn makes it a bit more easy for yeast and bacteria to give me problems in my digestive system from what I understand. So know about the diet and yeast infections in the digestive tract etc. If it's gone beyond your digestive tract you need a prescription and a doctors advice to say the least.

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