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    healthy food

    I understand you have to eat right to be healthy and if you want to be lean you have to eat healthy believe me i love eating healthy it raises energy levels and just makes you feal good but since i ditched the cardio and started trying to bulk ive noticed something about healthy foods they usually dont have many calories not all but deffinetly most are very low in cals. im having a very hard time putting on weight eating anything and everything in sight i cant imagine how hard it would be to gain weight by eating healthy i need fat and lots of carbs some of the diets ive seen around here i cant believe are we weight lifters or girl scouts no offense to the ladies but you get my point.

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    Downing a cup of oatmeal will get you ~50-60g of carbs, 5 whites 1 whole egg ~30g P and 5g F, use a tbsn of EVOO to cook the eggs is another 15g F. That gets you about 500kcals for breakfast, need more carb? Have an apple, add a little more oatmeal, a scoop of whey for more P and so on and so forth. I haven't even gotten into the calorie dense foods like nuts, nut butters, breads, pasta etc.
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