Who is into Racing RC-Cars.

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    Who is into Racing RC-Cars.

    I was really into building things like models, RC cars, a such. Yeah, I'm a geek, so what. Here are a few pictures of my E-MAXX that was a work in progress that I never got around to finishing. I can still drive it, but I don't have the new rear suspension and blue alloy crossbar installed. I also don't have the body painted. I have had this E-MAXX for 4 years, and it has provided me tons pure wholesome enjoyment with no side effects.

    Also, here are a few links to videos of people doing crazy shit with their E-MAXXs. I know some of the videos might seem boring to someone who has never owned one of these, but keep in mind that a slightly modified E-MAXX can go from 0-40mph in under 5 seconds.

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    I bought a x-mod once, played with it for two days, than put it in the basement :/ lol

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    I used to have a "FROG" when I was 14-15...

    Then I got a drivers license

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