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nobody likes a bag of bones

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    nobody likes a bag of bones

    thank u for letting me into your world.

    i live in a very warm part of the country, so i like to be outside alot.
    along with that comes the responsibility of keeping myself in some what good

    i am 6ft 1 in and weight in at 215 on friday, by monday it is more like
    220, alittle to much fun with the beer and the ladys.

    i try to get into the gym but with the nice weather i would rather enjoy the outdoors and get a natural w/o.

    i like to hike, and fish, and spend time with that special someone outdoors.

    in a couple of months i will start spending more time in the gym, and will
    contribute alittle more info, and ask more ?, but till then i like just
    see what other people r doing to improve themselve, and see all the
    positive feed back that is out there

    see u in the threads

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    bob-bag-o-bones welcome to IM!

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