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exercise selection-help

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    exercise selection-help

    for the current workout i've to select 2-3 exercise for chest. i'm really confused since there are lot of exercises for chest like flat, incline, decline, all kinds of flys, pushups, dips, pullover, db, bb, cables, machines.

    pls help.

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    something like flat bench and incline bench are pretty basic straight forward chest movements, add in an auxillary movement like some flies or cable crossovers and thats not too bad.

    switch it up every now and then also. I've always been a fan of using DBs for a little while (flat and incline) then switching to BB after a month or so.

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    yea, switch it up.. so for 2 weeks go flat BB, incline DB, cable x-over. Then next 2 go incline BB, decline DB, flyes.
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