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Body weight work outs and timing

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    Body weight work outs and timing

    Hey I know you guys do weights as ur main thing, and you might not be as receptive to me asking questions about body weight routines, but I'm about to join thenavy and I'm trying to get prepared to overkill the qualifications. I've been doing a seals pt work out, swimming and running. but small reps dont seem to be building my ability to go non stop say 100-200 push ups in a row. This is what I'm on now M W F I also run 1 mile ont hese days.
    WEEK #3, 4: lOX20 PUSHUPS
    10X25 SITUPS
    10X15 DIPS
    I cant progress to week 5 because its wearing out those small muscles in my armpits.

    I've found that lots of small sets like 20 arent doing much for my ability to go non stop for 100....I make it to 45-50 push ups before i have to break for a few seconds.

    Also....I run every other day and swim on my off days, would it hurt me to run and swim every day?? I'm trying to go as far beyond whats required as I can and studying required knowledge already so hopefully i can graduate towards the top of my class. Any help what so ever would be greatly appreciated, I am asking because I know ya'll are much much more experienced with timing and fatigue as it relates to the possibly overtraining, and the quickest route to the results I want.

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    ^ what exactly are the requirements you will be tested on?

    Step 1: List your required goals;
    Step 2: Come up with a proposed workout as your foundation to achieve those goals based on any of the platforms laid out in the stickies;
    Step 3: Periodise your workout schedule so you peak at the correct time - you need something similar to any single sports event training protocol.
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