does iron deficiency induces dizziness???

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    does iron deficiency induces dizziness???

    i am 23, 68 kgs, 5' 6".... sometime i feel quite dizzy...

    someone suggested to me it is due to iron deficiency

    he is a close friend of mine and i trust him, he wont lie to me.

    i dont like taking drugs... should i take iron capsule or adjust my diet for the same

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    Are you a male?

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    yes, i am a male...i know normally woman talk about iron deficiency...that is why i feel strange...pls dont laugh

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    Being male, you could be making a very large mistake by taking iron. Before you even consider it, you should go to your doctor for blood work and not take any chances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jodi View Post
    Being male, you could be making a very large mistake by taking iron. Before you even consider it, you should go to your doctor for blood work and not take any chances.

    That's why I think men should take a multi-vitamin made for men. They usually don't have any, or very little, iron in them.
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    I agree with Jodi. Its almost impossible to decide on a diagnosis from one sign and symptom, like dizziness. Go to the doc and ask for a CBC (complete blood count), iron deficiency manifests itself in anemia, which can be corrected with diet.
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    do you drink a lot of beverages with aspartame in it?
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