Choking the chicken may save your life...

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    Choking the chicken may save your life...

    Article | Reuters

    There has to be a worldwide ban on importing their products, as a kid I remember anything we brought from China was garbage. The government couldn't give two shits about us.

    This is not an insult to my Asian friends but this has to stop.

    Chicken chokes after testing the water

    Mon Sep 10, 2007 10:33AM EDT
    BEIJING (Reuters) - Think a bottle of mineral water might have poisoned you? Then test it on a chicken.
    One Chinese family on the southern island province of Hainan had just that idea when one of their number started vomiting blood after drinking a bottle of water, a newspaper said.
    They fed the luckless chicken the rest of the water to see what would happen, the Beijing News said, citing a report in a local paper. "The result was the chicken died within a minute," it said, showing a picture of a man holding a plastic bottle squatting over the crumpled body of the bird.
    The province's authorities were investigating, it added.
    Barely a day goes by without some new scandal over a made-in-China product, be it toys, toothpaste or fish, which has raised safety concerns in major export markets around the world.

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    Their products are total shit. We need to stop importing anything from China until they get their shit straight.
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