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I'm new,kinda fat, and trying to get a lean yet muscled physique. PLEASE HELP!

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    I'm new,kinda fat, and trying to get a lean yet muscled physique. PLEASE HELP!

    Hi guys. My name is Kerry and I am a 240 lb 5foot 8 inch large stomached asian american 23 year old. I work retail at Circuit City full time and have had a horrible diet of Wendy's and McDonalds from down the street out of convienience and laziness. I finally have gotten over playing World of Warcraft and am trying to have a "normal" life and get into the same shape I was in when I was 16 I was close to a six pack and had awesome traps. and a good amoutn of definition in my tri's, my bi's left something to be desired. I recently got a girlfriend and am working on trying to get a management position. I spend 40 hours a week at work.

    The reason for that above blurb of seemingly useless info is to give a little insight into my daily life. I find that most people don't supply a HONEST detailed opinion of themselves so that people on the forums can help them.

    Now that we have that out of the way lets start on my questions. I got 3 of em so bear with me please =D

    1. How can I find a appropriate steroid stack that will help me get ripped and get strength while gaining lean muscle mass? I have done research on some items such as Clenbuterol/Decca/Anadrol 50/and a estrogen redeucer which I can't seem to recall it's name but it has the word citrus/citrine in it. But, most other places have debates and fights between forum users rather than a real explanation or actual help to the thread starter. Or certain sites seem to have a very sexy explanation of the product only because they are selling it to you while not mentioning the downfalls. There was one site very nice but it seemed to good to be true. With a admin's permission I would link the site or mention it's name. But being a noob I don't want to get banned my first day =D. So thats why I'm here guys and ladies for your insight in a fair way of steroidal use. =D

    2. How much will this realistically cost me? And how long will this take roughly? I would also like to knwo side effects BOTH good and bad if at all possible and what i can do to deal with them. I understand I am asking a seemingly impossible question but again I have not found a clear or impartial answer.

    3. If a steroidal use is not recommended then what should I do? I have tried diet and excercise alone. However, they do not produce the results I desire. I am looking to have a Randy Orton esque body. I understand genetics, dieting, hard work have a major factor. However, the fact that he looks like a skinny twerp when not using his roids or working out kind of shows it does work effectively.

    I'm gonna wrap this up because I dont wanna annoy anyone here. But there are a few last things I wanna wrap up for last minute questions.

    a) I have eaten a lot of fried food, burgers, suagr snacks and drank a lot of beer in the past 2 years. I just recently started eating healthier due to the new GF i.e. salad(amazing isnt it?) soup, a healthier amount of water, pomegranate juice, green tea, fruit, lean meats, and healthy fats from tuna or lean meats. I have not completely converted but I am weaning myself away from crap food. I am 3 weeks into this process and I have cut it down to 3 times a week versus 7 eventually I hope to have it to 0 or as little as possible.

    b) I took decca at the age of 16 in a very stupid way. I had no idea what I was doing and I had no results due to no knowledge on what i was doing to my body. I am now 23 so it has definitly filtered out of my system... at least I hope it has. The second steroid I took at age 17 was anadrol. However I am not sure if it was Anadrol 50 since it was simply referred to me as "just anadrol". These are the only steroids I have taken in my life. I will clear it now. I WAS A IDIOT FOR NOT RESEARCHING THE PRODUCTS. There was no internet like there is now but I do not excuse my stupidity but that is why I am here now. TEACH ME PLEASE! =D

    c) I have taken certain prodcuts endorsed by bodybuilders. I don't want to mention any names due to the forum rules. But I have not exactly had the results they showed or that I desired.

    d) I make it to the gym 4 times a week now. I do chest and bi's monday/tri's and shoulders wednesday/ cardio thurs for 1 hour/ legs and back and forearms sat/ I do ab's every workout and except on thurs I do 30 min of cardio on an eliptical machine. I use free weights not machines seeing as to I believe you work out more of the muscle in a less restricted way... but maybe thats just me. Sleep is still an issue for me. However, I am willing to make the sacrifices neccessary to get a great body. Protein intake from a shake or product is minimal now since I have lost faith in the product I was purchasing. With a admin's permission I would tell you all what I was using. When i was consuming protein though it was 40 grams a serving 3 times a day.

    e) The very last thing from me I swear. I really want this and I am willing to go above the mark for a great body.

    If you give me guidance and knowledge I will use it to the max.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, sorry for any spelling errors and if i missed something smack me and tell me what it was =D Via E-mail or post is greatly appreciated. I also have an AIM which is d3c3pt10n8453.

    Thanks guys,


    " Evolution will pass you by unless you go along with it..."

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    Hi Kerry, welcome.
    "Dont trust something that bleeds for 5 days and doesnt die"

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    Steroids are not the answer.

    If you do really want to take them, make sure your diet and training are in check.

    I will probably say this over and over again, bodybuilding is a marathon not a sprint.

    Post up exactly what your diet is (a typical day), and also post up what you are doing for your training (exactly, what exercises).

    There are no 'quick' results in BBing. You can get bigger fast on steroids, but you will probably shrink again as soon as you come off.

    I would also recommend you get some blood work done if you didn't do any PCT when you were younger, also as baseline levels for further reference if you do decide to take steroids.

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    Thansk for the post. I have not had blood work done or done PCT. I was not aware of these things sadly because of being young and rushing in. What kind of blood work do you mean? like removal of blood or checking if its still in my system?

    A typical day of food is now this.
    B-Mcdonalds. A sausage mcmuffin. Gonna try to do yogurt or oatmeal but I'm just weaning myself away from the crap food. I'm only in week 2 of this conversion. If i stop cold turkey I might just hop back on and go nuts.
    L-Panera Bread veggie soup turkey bacon ranch sandwich or sandwich of some sort. An apple is the side not chips(or in the UK crisps =D). I usually get green tea or pomengranate juice. If i have to wendys grilled chicken sandwich no sauce no fries. yougurt and water.
    D-subway veggie sub or salad with a meat of some sort with a yougurt and water. Sometimes a green tea depends on if its in my budget.
    Protein in between Lunch and dinner a granola bar between Breakfast and lunch. Protein right after a workout. Thats pretty much how it is every day.

    I jsut recently started going back to the gym seriously. I have recently done this.

    Regular bench 3 sets 8 reps each.
    Incline bench 3 sets 8 reps each.
    Crossover cables 3 sets 10 reps each.
    Butterfly Curl 3 sets 10 reps each
    21's 7 bottom half curls to stomach 7 top half curls from stomach to neck 7 full curls
    Dumbell free weight curl 3 sets of 10

    30 min of cardio

    AB's the ball i do 3 sets of 15
    Leg lifts 3 sets of 10

    Protein right after or within 20 min cuz i dont have a blender in the gym =(

    TUES- 20 min of cardio i had to work 10-10 boooooo

    WED- Shoulders
    Shrugs at 3 sets of 10
    I am an idiot and dont knwo the name of this right now but i take 2 dumbells and raise them above my shoulders and back down to where they meet my neck. 3 sets of 8
    I call these wings. But you take the 2 dumbells and they start face to face with each other above your stomach. then you raise them out to your sides like flapping wings. 3 sets of 10.

    I apoligize for not naming the excercises. =(

    Had to go back to work =(

    Protein and ab workouts cardio was the same as monday. Cardio is done AFTER all workouts.

    I may have forgetten some stuff. but thats all i have for now. Any advice would be helpful.

    Oh PS i drink 20 oz bottles of water 6-7 times daily. I am taking T-BOMB2 and GNC protein powder... cuz it was cheap.

    Oh and by the way. You are a lovely lady. I appreciate any advice that you give looking like a pro not like a ho. =D

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    orton0384 welcome to IM!
    FOLLOW ME @rdimaggio

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    Talking Thanks =D

    Thank you mister admin! =D

    I'm hoping I can get a more detailed response soon. I've been researching more. But this whole shaping the body thing still confuses me since people swear by one thing but another method will cancel out that method I read about 20 minutes ago. =(

    Well hoping to see some light and knowledge.


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