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bleh, my diet sucks and is starting to worry me

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    bleh, my diet sucks and is starting to worry me

    ok, so ive been real disappointed in how ive been eating lately. ive been under constant stress with work, family, and managing all my problems..and life in general. so although it sounds sad i know that that is part of the reason ive been eating like i have. its stupid but i just cant control it some times and i eat whatever.
    ive been eating this chocolate cake my grandma brought over. she made it for me and my mom, and my mom is and has been on a low-carb diet for years heh. the cake is half-the-sugar though. she said it was that kind of cake and i know ive seen the box for it when shopping at krogers. so it could be worse i guess. but if i remember right there was like 35 or so carbs. not sure how much sugar since its half the sugar. either way, i know this cake is not good for me. ive had probably..5 pieces in the past 5 days. so a piece a day. luckily its almost gone and i plan to eat no more of it. i guess i couldnt resist, been so long since ive even seen or smelt a cake and its a weakness of mine.

    also had some hamburger helper stroganoff yesterday,
    and have been having the ocassional can of JavaMonster here and there.

    so yea, the chocolate half the sugar cake, the hamburger helper stroganoff, and the JavaMonsters (which i only have one every like 2 to 4 days.) these all seem bad and like im starting to fail miserably on my eating habits, which is all in all making me feel even worse now, like i cant control my eating.

    of course i eat all this PLUS my regular foods which i know are a good source of protein, fats, carbs, etc. i just gota get rid of the things mentioned above and get back on track.

    also theres these cartons of chinese food that ive been buying from wal-mart. ..i cant resist chinese food really. loved it ever since i was like 10. i managed to write down the info on one of them and..well..not sure how good these are for me. heres the info:
    TaiPei sweet&sour shrimp
    (breaded shrimp and ((vegetables carrots, green pepper, red pepper, onions, pineapple)) in a sweet sauce with steamed rice -
    570 calories, 90 from fat, 11g total fat, 105 total carb, 54 sugars, 10 protein),

    thats a shit-load of carbs eh? i ate this one night, it was one of my workout days. and i ate it like 5 hours after my work out, one of my last meals before bed. they do have some with lower amounts of carbs, (they have some with carbs between 18g and 60g i think) so maybe should i just start getting the ones with lower amounts of carbs? like some with 18g, some with 30-50ish?

    i dont know why exactly im making this thread. guess i just want to get some input on how to get back on track with my eating(cause just thinking of how ive been eating makes me feel worse), and how to manage all this stress thats been thrown on me all at once the past 2 weeks, ya know. we've all been through stuff like this right? but im 20, and not used to stuff like this, and feeling like this, etc. it sucks. i just dont know what to do these days and want to eat good, and feel happy and full of energy again.

    been taking my multi-vitamin in the morning with meals, and also 3 fish oil pills in the morning and at night, both times with meals. thought the fish oil pills could possibly help with managing stress but luck yet.

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    Everyones got demons to face, I've also gone through that (and actually am right now). Just need to look to the future and decide what's more important for you - the ripped body, or the carton of chinese food.
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    No gym for home, work out floor with 30, but is it for 20 like 30 lb when you no lift it to be for men, for 30 lbs instead? or half is 10 for 20 pounds?

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