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How to Carb Load in a small time frame?

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    How to Carb Load in a small time frame?

    The only time I can make it to the Gym is first thing in the morning. If I want to get there before work means I need to get up a 5:30 AM. That's pushing it for me. I'm doing a fairly heavy 35 min cardio and I need my carbs to get through my workout. I'm just trying to burn fat right now so I'm avoiding sugars especially during my workouts and for at least four hours afterwards. I've been taking a protien shake with Maltodextrin and it seems to be working but I've just read that Maltodextrin easily breaks down to glucose because of the weak hydrogen bonds. Is there an alternative complex carb I can take that would be useable in 30 - 60 mins?


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    Seems we've got the same problem..
    screw you guys

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