Combining exercises

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    Combining exercises

    Is combining exercises effective? For example combining squats with calve rises (Rising to tip toes and holding there for a second or two to finish the rep.) or combining deadlifts with shrugs (Ending the deadlift with a shrug.). I understand that lowering the weight used for the "primary" exercises (squat, deadlift) might be necessary. I'm wondering if using less weights to use more muscles is a good trade off.

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    I think that might throw your squat form off since your heals really need to be in contact with the ground, same for the deadlifts. I'd guess that the best you could do is to superset them.

    Maybe one of the other, more knowledgeable members can give some better advice.

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    sounds like with the squat to a calf raise would throw off your balance a bit. i personally would like to know more about if combining excersizes like these can be effective. it would cut down gym time for sure...
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    it depends on the phase of training. I like combinations and complexes when we are working on increasing work capacity.

    Sometimes good mornings with toe raises is a good way to work triple extension.

    Squats with the toe raise is okay if you don't lose balance. I don't use it though because i find it a little akward. in the bigger faster stronger book, they do use a box squat to toe raise to work on accelerating out of the hole and into triple extension.
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    I did the squat/toe raise combo today. I used a little less weight than usual for squats and lost balance a couple of times on my first 16 reps set. After changing stands on the next two sets and found it easier to keep my balance with a narrow stand (slightly less than shoulder width). I'll do the exercise again to see if I can do all reps properly if not I'll give the good mornings/toe raise a try.

    Is squat alone good for increasing calves' strenght?

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    I think that there are uses for combination movements. I use them sometimes with my clients, though not too often with myself unless I'm working on conditioning/work capacity. My clients have more limited time in which to get done what we need to get done though, so it can be good in that regard.
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