Need Help on getting lean and weight loss...

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    Need Help on getting lean and weight loss...

    I am new to the forum so I thought I could ask for a bit of assistance...

    I am 33 and trying to get rid of some unwanted fat. I am 6'4" and my weight is 240 lbs. I want to get to around 225 but lean...

    My weight training schedule is as follows:

    Day 1: chest (with cardio after my workout)
    Day 2: back (with cardio after my workout)
    Day 3: Off weights just cardio
    Day 4: Tri and Bi (with cardio after my workout)
    Day 5 Shoulders (with cardio after my workout)

    I generally lift to my max and get out of the gym feeling like I had a good work out (I train in the mornings only)

    My diet is I would say good, I try and stay away from the junk.

    For supplements I take the following:

    1 Zues Test Booster (Before work out)
    1 Sub Q fat burner (Before work out)
    1 Scoop Superpump 250
    1 CLA Pill

    3 BCAA caps
    1 Scoop Protien Shake
    1 Scoop Glutamine

    1 Zues Test Booster
    1 Omega 3 Pill
    1 CLA Pill

    I am trying to eat good as I stated and want to lean up the mid section...

    WHAT TO DO???

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    Read ALL the stickies.

    Post entire diet.
    Post entire training regime
    You mentioned that you were 240, do you know what BF%?

    Your training pprogram is pretty shit, looks like you are not even training legs. Focus on doing compound movements. Learn things like squats, deadlifts, bent over rows, military press, pullups/chinups etc. These are the types of exercises that you should base your workout around. Looking at your plan, you have a whole day devoted to tri's and bi's, which makes me think that you are not doing compound movements. I would ditch that day and do legs. You are training too often, how about wednesday as a total rest day?

    What you think is a 'decent' diet is probably shit as well. People here will help you, but you MUST do a fair bit of research for yourself. Know your Resting metabolic rate, heart rate, BF%, How many calories you are consuming vs how many calories expended. The whole shebang. Knowledge is power my friend.

    On the positive side, It seems that you have set a very attainable goal. Have you got a specific timeframe for this also? Ie losing fat for vacation or something similar? Expect to lose 1-1.5lbs a week for minimal muscle loss.

    Here are some other sites that I found to be useful:

    For description of movements, and a animated .gif to show you the movement
    ExRx (Exercise Prescription) on the Net

    FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal

    This is a site where you can punch in whatever you eat and it calculates the total calories consumed, and breaks it down into macros.

    So, READ THE STICKIES before you do anything. Good luck on achieving your goals.

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    You're on the right track, but I think you should read up on the stickies.

    Come back with a program that is a little more detailed. You pretty much just listed a split, but no details about the program itself.

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