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Bloated and Hard

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    Bloated and Hard

    Lately my gut has been bloated and for some reason hard. My daily diet cosists of oatmeal, protein drinks, creatine, coffee, either chicken or beef, tuna, sardines, 1 protein bar as snack, 2-4 bananas and various fruits and veggies. I do not drink pop or alcohol and rarely eat fast food with the exception of pizza and chili dogs a few times a month. I work my abs 3 days a week and do cardio the other 4, weight train 5 days a week. Are there certain foods I should avoid (aside from the obvious)? Also, has anyone else experienced this and if so, what changes have you made if any? I am thick skinned, and any constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated, I got used to insults and general verbal abuse until I decided to start training 8 years ago. Thanks for all input.

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    Sounds like a case of CDC (Chilidog Constipation) to me. Check it out... if not then I would see a doctor!

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