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Anti- Estrogen During Test Cyp...

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    Anti- Estrogen During Test Cyp...

    Thinking of starting a test E or Cyp cycle. But I'm concerned about the estrogen conversion. You know, gyno, and the water retent... Should I take Clomid, Nolvadex or something else with the Test E or Cyp...?


    1) Age - 29
    2) Weight and Percent BodyFat - 195 lbs, BF ?
    3) Years of Consistant Training experience - 10+
    4) Previous Cycle experience - Never used real Test b4
    5) Training routine and Diet - 3-4 /week of lifting and cardio, 3-4K cal/day
    6) Cycle Goals - wanna put some mass, go up to 215 or so.

    Your wisdom is appreciated.

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    Good post, thanks for the info. Really depends on the amount you want to take and your body. Most people don't have to worry about gyno at normal dosages, but some are going to get it at low doses. I would have something on hand just in case you need it. You could take adex if you are worried about water retention.

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