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Gyno problem on cycle.

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    Gyno problem on cycle.

    Well I'm on a 10 wk cycle of 1cc of Test Prop and .5cc of Deca. I'm at the 6 th wk not even thinking of PCT for another week or so, and abotu half way through the 6th week I develop tenderness and sweeling in my right pec. I have been taking 6-oxo, 6 pills before bed and 1 pill of nolvadex also before bed. I have some epistane on the way and some clomid from ag-guys. Anythign else I could do? I have also stopped my cycle. That's the other question should I contiune with the last four weeks and just run my PCT or stop all together. Thnx for any and all help.

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    Sorry forgot to include my stats:

    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 167
    % body fat: 6% (weighed using a hydro-electric scale)
    Squat: 415 x 6
    Hack: 800 x 4
    Bench: 315 x 3 (I know it's weak)
    Deit: LOW carbs, usually btwn 20-60, High protein, usually around 300g-400g a day.
    Years Training: +10yrs
    Previeous cycle exp: Suston 250, Dbol, Clen, and EQ. (Not all at once.)
    Training: M-F Lifting: High Volume sets. Cardio: 6 days a week/45 mins sessions.

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