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Greetings from the Northwest! Go Hawks!

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    Greetings from the Northwest! Go Hawks!

    Monday's aren't so bad after the home team wins! Next stop...Green Bay!

    Anyway...Steve here...from the Seattle area obviously! I'm new to the board here and I look forward to seeing if I can absorb any good info!

    I've turned 47 recently...been lifting consistently for nearly 11 years now...I got a bit of a late start.

    A lifelong skinny guy, I started lifting in Feb of 97 and haven't stopped since! At that time I was 5'10" and about 165 with a bit of grey hair....and now I'm same height, but weigh in at 185 lbs with completely white hair!

    I'm a real hard gainer, and don't have any desire to be a bodybuilder...but I get off on being strong and bein' a freak!

    I've had 1RM of 415 in the squat, 260 bench, and 315 in my deadlift. As well as 115 straight bar curl, and 16 wide grip pull ups. I also do all kinds of weighted dips and pull ups...plyometrics, and play racquetball. I don't much care for being a cardio monkey.

    So...yay for me. I'm proud of my accomplishments, but don't really get off on telling all about em...but...it's a weightlifting forum eh??

    Anyway, I like to lurk, read posts, etc...so that's pretty much why I'm here.

    I look forward to shootin' the shit with y'all!

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