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Goji berries

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Thread: Goji berries

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    Goji berries

    My sister bought a packet of these things. Chuck a few in with my oats and all bran mix, tastes not too bad. It reckons that they are super rich in antioxidants, more so than blueberries, which I was previously using, but they are expensive.

    I was just wondering if anyone had tried these/ heard of them before?

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    Have heard of them. Were presented as some sort of superfood, with incredible vitamin levels and high antioxidants.

    I forget the exact details, but they apparently are very good for you, as in vastly superior nutritient wise to other fruit.

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    Well goji fruit definitely is a superfood just like acai berry. They contain a lot of nutrition properties that help us maintain health, especially the Acai Berry. It has an amazingly high concentration level of antioxidants in Acai berries contributes to combating premature aging. The proanthocyanidine contents in Acai berries provide 10 to 30 times the anthocyanins compared to the same volume of red wine (these are the purple-colored antioxidants). Although the French have a high fat diet, they have a low incidence of cardio vascular disease compared to other western countries. They attribute this to their consumption of red wine.

    In my opinion, eating more vegetables and fruits can make you healthy unlike going for processed or canned food. Why go for artificial food supplements when the nature has been kind enough to give us so much for free?

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    I like em. Of course they have a higher sugar content being dried. I was hoping to get some fresh ones but my interest in them dwindled and I kinda forgot about em. I think its just another high claim sale.
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