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what to eat late night?

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    what to eat late night?

    Haven't lifted for 3 years because of a stupid wrist problem, still getting rehab, so maybe someday I can lift again.

    Also haven't done much cardio, so I've gained a good 15 pounds. My new year res is to drop that 15 pounds by summer, so I've been running again and waiting for the weather to get a little better so I can go hiking.

    One problem I've noticed is I would start to get hungry towards bedtime and I would usually munch on chips or cookies. I eat fruit around 8 or 9pm, but I don't go to bed till 12 or 1.

    What would be a good snack of mini meal to eat for late night? When I was lifting, I use to eat a cup of cottage cheese. Since I'm not lifting and only doing cardio, would cottage cheese still be a good choice?

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    Anything that's really slow absorbing.

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