Hi there,

My goal is to drop some body fat and increase lean muscle. I have been working out over the last 8 months. I was 14 stone when I started last June and I now weigh 12st-2lbs. I think 11stone is an ideal weight, providing I lose only fat and not muscle.

I have lost a fair bit of fat and managed to get a bit of muscle and strength during this time. the problem I have now, is I just can not break through the 11 stone barrier I have been fluctuating at 11-10lbs 12-5lbs for the last couple of months and its frustrating. I reckon I still need to lose another stone in weight/fat.

I am 5ft 8" meduim build

My diet is detailed below

Typical day

7am = Muscle milk
9.30am = 1 apple 1 banana & some Peanuts
12pm = Home made soup & 1 apple 1 banana and chicken breast
3pm = 1 apple & 1 banana
6pm = Spag Boll (lean beef and wholewheat pasta)
7.30 = Workout
8.30 = Muscle milk
11-12 = Bed

I run 2 a couple of times a week for 20-25 minutes a time @ a steady pace. On workout nights a do around 5 mins on the pads and mitts as a warm up.

My main problem is I have an office job and sit around for 8 hours a day, which really sucks!

I was thinking of starting to perform tabata, read a few article which suggested it could be a great way of getting some arobic and anoreobic exercise.
would appreciate any feeback or/and advice