The “Novoe dykhanie” exercisers are meant for sportsmen respiratory system training on the move in aerobic and anaerobic regimes. Neither Frolov’s exerciser, nor “Samozdrav”, nor Powerbreathe can realize the anaerobic regime.
The “Novoe dykhanie” respiratory exercisers are used:

In cyclic kinds of sport

In speed-power kinds of sport

In playing kinds of sport
In fitness and aerobics

In exercise therapy
"Novoe Dykhanie " respiratory muscle exercisers for sport on move:

- directly set pulmonary unstriated muscles;

- efficiently improve User’s external respiration characteristics;

- intensify User’s body functional capabilities improvement process;

- increase body’s adoptive abilities during physical training at middle-mountain area;

- accelerate external respiration and heart-vascular system recovery process during interval trainings;

- activate anaerobic glycolysis in aerobic loads’ zones;

- enrich and deepen inhale and exhale;

- improve drainage pulmonary function;

- enlarge lung pulmonary vital capacity;

- reduce tussive reaction.