Hello and questions from an oldie

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    Hello and questions from an oldie

    Hello there !

    After 12 years or so off from weight training I am thinking of returning to it because, quite frankly, I do little exercise at the moment and would like to get into shape again.

    I first started weight training when I was 22.

    Without going into too many details of how or why, I ended up following a low volume/high intensity routine of the type reccommended by the likes of Arthur Jones (god rest his soul). Being a scientist myself his HIT philosophy appealed to me. His arguments made sense.

    Over the next 18 months I trained 3 times a week on non-consecutive days - entire body workout - 20 exercises for 1 set each to momentary muscular failure (or very occasionally slightly beyond by the use of drop-sets or negatives) with the result that my body weight increased from 9.5 stone to around 12.5 stone. My strength increases far exceeded my expectations of my initially skinny frame (ectomorphic traits). Each of my workouts lasted around 50 mins. I ate a sensible, nutrient rich diet, emphasizing complex carbs and quality sources of protein.

    I'm getting on a bit now (or I feel like it anyway at 41!) and although my body is still toned I have lost the majority of the mass and strength I once had. I do little exercise at the moment so I have to gradually work my way back into shape.

    Do you think it's ok for me to return to my HIT program (once I am fitter) or am I too over the hill for it's rigours ? Would a higher volume/medium intensity workout serve me better ? Should I circuit-train to improve my cardio or take it even easier (ie light jogging, stretching to improve flexibility) before I start to use weights again ?

    Basically how do I work myself back into it ?

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    I lack the knowledge to write an opinion with much depth but I would venture to say many people underestimate themselves because of their age and that someone of your age can do quite a bit as I'm sure you are aware. It's a matter of your current condition (health included) and what you desire to put into your efforts. I'd say work your way into it, make sure you take good care of your joints and diet, do some cardio, and it can never hurt to see a doctor.....well usually . Welcome.
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    i forget who it was but the guy was over 60 and he was talkn to arnold and arnold told him its never too late to start

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