Hello all. Last Oct I was on the Life Extension Foundation (LEF) cruise. If you don’t know the LEF, they are a direct to consumer company that produces supplements, funds research, and other stuff mostly geared toward longevity/anti aging and disease prevention. Regardless of whether or not you use their products or not (and a fair number of people on the cruise were not yet LEF members) the seminars and information presented combined with a cruise was a great idea. Highly recommended, and I am not just saying that because my way was paid for! ☺

Anyway, here is my short write up on the cruise (scroll to the bottom of the page when if you hit the link below) if the idea of combining a learning experience regarding health and a cruise is of interest. I know they plan to have more in the future as this first one was a success…

The Life Extension Inaugural Cruise
“Learning and Fun Aboard the Sun”
By Will Brink

As a long-time member of the Life Extension Foundation and writer for its magazine, one thing I have always appreciated is the creativity of the Foundation when it comes to looking after its members. A great example of this is the exciting new Life Extension cruise, which set sail for the Caribbean in October, 2007. By combining a conference with a great vacation destination as a single package, this inaugural cruise was a smashing success for the Life Extension members lucky enough to attend.


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