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Larry Scott's Ring of Fire for ABs

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    Larry Scott's Ring of Fire for ABs

    Something for you to read and discuss.

    The key to the whole secret is... learning how to flex each midsection muscle, and I’m not
    just talking about crunches. I’m talking about totally flexing the muscles in front, both
    upper and lower, the sides and the back. These are the... furnace that burns fat around your
    The problem is... we know how to move the trunk while doing sit-ups and leg raises,
    but we really don’t know how to flex each individual muscle which is the secret to torching
    fat but... we’re going to change all that.
    You’re going to learn how to gradually increase the heat of this fire until the walls of
    your fat burning furnace glow red with burning fat. Even the “hard to get at” fats on the

    low back can’t hide from this intense heat.

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    I though the 'ring of fire' only happend after a bad Indian takeout.....

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