Hey guys, can someone give me a little advise about PEG HGH, i have plans to buy some Lr3-igf1 and run it 33mcg daily with PEG HGH.

From the research i have done i can determine that PEG HGH is 10x more potent than regular HGH as its got a longer halflife due to pegylation..

Having never used HGH before what can i expect to gain using a cycle of 4 weeks that would be equivilent to 8iu regular HGH per day split dose, 4iu am 4iu before bed and lr3-igf-1 at 33mcg daily?

i know the gains i expect to get from lr3-igf1 as i have used before but HGH wiith lr3-igf1 is it worth the money as i don't intend to run with and anabolics, well maybe 30 of dbol daily but thats it..
so cycle would be

ed 30mg Dbol, 33mcg Lr3-igf1 & 270mcg PEG HGH (equivilent to 8iu reg HGH)

Thoughts please fella's