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    Just wondering?

    hey guys,

    Im new to the site can't really say that im new to working out because im not. Ive been working out for two years already but i don't have the results that I really want. Im just wondering if I can find some good workout programs on this site. Ive read a little about designing them but ive been going at this alone for a wile and I haven't had the greatist sucess. that is why i want some programs. I know this is going to sound funny but a part of me is ready to try p 90 x . I get so mad seeing the results that ppl get in 90 days that i have not got in 2 years. Any help would be apreaciated.

    thanx again

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    Welcome to our bodybuilding & fitness community

    joshm22 welcome to IM!

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    Welcome to IM Josh, post this in training you will get more help
    Soreness is weakness exiting the body.

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