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    Fit day diet tracker

    fitday diet tracker...

    It seems to me some of the protein estimates are a little high, it seems to state that a small chicken breast has 50g of protein? I always thought it was more like 30 grams of protein? Could anyone clarify this for me?

    Also intrigued by how much a "cup" is? Say a cup of rice, would that be an average serving for one meal roughly?

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    Here's a tip: use a measuring cup.

    Seriously, weigh your food. Then you KNOW.

    I programmed in a few foods that I eat regularly. For example, raw chicken breast: (from the USDA nutrient database)

    10 ounces of raw boneless, skinless chicken breast meat - two medium-small chicken breast portions:

    Per 10 oz raw breast meat
    Calories 310
    Total Fat 3.5g
    Protein 64.7g

    Note that 10 ounces raw weighs out as 7.5 ounces cooked, at least when I do it. So this is the same information for 10 ounces of raw holds for 7.5 ounces of cooked:

    Per 7.5 oz poached breast meat
    Calories 310
    Total Fat 3.5g
    Protein 64.7g

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