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running 1 mile for cardio

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    running 1 mile for cardio

    When I am not playing basketball for cardio, I try to beat my previous mile times. At the end of my 1 mile runs, I feel drained because I ran it as fast as I possibly could. I don't feel like I am out of shape because I run 5-6 minute miles.

    My diet is locked down, as well as my training. My question is whether or not 5-6 minutes of running is a sufficient form of cardio for cutting (with a good diet of course). I know this is almost like the HIIT vs. steady cardio debate but I am not doing HIIT or running for long durations. I run 1 mile extremely fast, but by no means would I consider that sprinting. I would run more, but after running a mile, I don't feel like I have anything left in me.

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    Cutting isn't about cardio. Cutting happens when you do something to retain muscle (lifting) while you do something to create a caloric deficit (diet).

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