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    I'm Stone

    Hey, I'm not new to working out but I dont much know the scientifics of it. I"m in the navy so working out is on an already limited schedule. Good news though is that we have 3 gyms on base and one is brand new and packed with state of the art equipment, outside there is a track with pull ups bars....the facilities are availiable I just need your help maximizing the results I get from using them.

    I researched and found an thread on a Navy seals program which i was interested in, but I dont think i can fit all that running into my schedule, which sucks because my ultimate goal is to either do aircrew or go seals.

    Anyway I currently take creatine a mutli and protein. Sleep ranges anywhere from 3-7 hours normaly unless its the weekend.
    I pretty much have stopped my current work out due to difficulty with schedule and overall stress. Any help?

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    Welcome Stone. Check out the stickies in the Training and Diet & Nutrition forums. There's a wealth of info that will probably answer most all your questions.

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