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Cut to Bulk Transition

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    Cut to Bulk Transition

    I'm finishing a cut this week having lost ~28 lbs since March/April time.

    I'm cutting sitting at around 180 lbs at (i'd guess) approx 12-14% BF, and am currently eating the following;

    Training Days

    Meal 1 - 50g oats, 40g whey, 10g peanut butter. (47 C, 39 P, 12 F, 456 kcal)

    Meal 2 (PWO) - 20g whey, 20g casein, 20g malto or dextrose, banana (63 C, 34 P, 2 F, 403 kcal)

    Meal 3 - 125g chicken, 60g rice, 100g green beans, 10g peanut butter (51g C, 38g P, 7g F, 431 kcal)

    Meal 4 - 150g chicken, 50g rice, 250ml skimmed milk (50g C, 48g P, <1g F, 430 kcal)

    Meal 5 - 6 egg whites, 3 yolks, 1 apple (42g P, 15g C, 15g F, 230 kcal)

    Total - 211g C, 201g P, 39g F, 1938 kcal

    Non-Training Days

    Meal 1 - 40g oats, 25g whey, 25g casein (25g C, 46g P, 5g F, 334 kcal)

    Meal 2 - 40g casein, 10g peanut butter (1g C, 37g P, 5g F, 210 kcal)

    Meal 3 - 125g chicken (30g P, 2g F, 136 kcal)

    Meal 4 - 150g chicken, 40g rice (30g C, 37g P, 2 F, 303 kcal)

    Meal 5 - 6 egg whites, 3 yolks (0g C, 42g P, 15g P, 258g kcal)

    Total - 103g C, 199g P, 32g F, 1486 kcal

    I know its very low in general but my activity levels are pretty minimal aside from weights and cardio at the moment - the above saw me drop a steady 2lbs a week in the last 4-5 weeks.

    The last time i bulked i added far too much fat and i'm keen to avoid repeating that. I'll be doing a 4 day upper/lower split (1 on 1 off) with fuelled cardio twice a week.

    What would be the best way to taper the cals/macros up to put me into a positive calorie state? I was thinking to start by increasing carbs around training and around cardio on non-weight days.

    From there i'll monitor and adjust every 2 weeks to make sure i'm not gaining too much weight.


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    10% a week and monitor .

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    Thanks Iain - any particular order i should be increasing macros in?

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