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Healthiest way to get drunk

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    Healthiest way to get drunk

    What do you guys drink when you are out partying or just having a drink or two? I used to drink mixed drinks, but Juice has alot of calories, and so does coke. Im thinking:

    -Vodka shots with a light juice drink as chaser
    -Light beer (stil has alot of calories)

    I realioze this probly seems like a silly question, but realistically, if im going to stay with my program and keep getting fit, I need to be honest with myself and to not deprive myself... when I go out on friday nights with my friends, were all drinking, and were parting. I figure im going to drink anyway, but anything I can do to shave off cals and keep on track is best. I also work out every day I drink, and If i didnt work out that day, I dont drink. its a simple rule I made for myself, but it works.

    Any of you on a cut, but still drink (in moderation, of course). If so, what do you guys do?

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    There's not a whole lot you can do, drinking a lot is just plain not healthy. You can do some stuff like don't eat carbs before you go out and eat a meal high in protein fat (if you're full on food, you're not going to be drinking 9 beers)

    I personally find the beer vs liquor argument to be silly. Yea some liquors have less calories than beer because they're almost pure alcohol, but you make up for it by drinking more liquor than you probably would have beer.
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