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Is this approach true

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    Is this approach true

    I read somewhere that bigger muscles burn fat faster than small muscles

    is this true?

    so that article recommended first add muscle mass to your body and then take care how to burn fat, because result is faster and steady.

    I am little fatty now, need to lose over 5 kg, I think I will add more muscle mass and then I will use fat loss fitness programs. (as I have noticed I do not get fat when I am using muscle mass rising program)

    what do you think?


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    More muscle= more calories burned.

    I would receomend not doing either or (losing fat or gaining muscle) but instead,lose the fat while retaining muscle. It is a slower process in terms of immediate results, but I have had great success taking the "slowly but surely" approach; I have been eating sensible, clean, and healthy, while working out hard 3-5 times a week and exercising. I have been losing weight slowly, but I gauge my success by the mirror, not the scale.

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