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Metabolism Re-Set Revisited

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    Metabolism Re-Set Revisited

    Okay, I understand that this topic has been addressed before, but since information changes over time, I wanted to pose a question concerning the re-setting of one's metabolism.

    Thinking Out Loud

    For the most part, this process is fairly simple....metabolism has been slowed due to a sub-par caloric intake. To fix this, we increase our caloric intake slowly and deliberately, via clean foods (no dirty carbs by any means!) and continue to increase calories gradually (100~kcal/day) until a noteable, consistent increase in weight is noticed.* (Of course, this "gain would consist of some muscle and some fat, if not all fat, dependng on the individual.) Once this is noted, then we are fairly sure that we have reached and/or slightly bypassed what would be considered our maintenance calories. From what I recall, we should then hold at or near this caloric level for two to three weeks, afterwhich we can begin to diet/cut again.

    Q#1: What is the average period of time before a "gain" is noticed? I'm thinking a couple of weeks, but I'm not sure...hence the Q:

    Q#2: What is the average gained per week? Again, I'm thinking it would be close to the average "loss" per week, that being 1-1.5lbs.

    Q#3: Is 2-3 weeks a long enough period of time to assure a completed "re-set"?

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    I'm interested in this as well. My metabolism is a little messed up from unintentionally dieting too long.

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    It's always been my belief that the easiest way to speed up your metabolism is to consistently eat smaller meals more frequently.
    for example, take what you're consuming in a day - IMO it doesn't matter whether you're at or below maintenance levels- and break the total calories up into 5 or 6 meals throughout the day.
    My personal preference is 6 meals a day no longer then three hours apart.
    So, if you're consuming 3000 calories in a day, it would be 6 meals at roughly 500 calories each meal.
    Do this consistently and your metabolism will in effect 're-set' itself and stop trying to hoard every calorie you give it.

    just my $0.02

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    Meal frequency does not affect your metabolism.

    You can up your metabolism by eating more, regardless of how fast you do it and how clean you eat. Eating sugar all day will surely boost your metabolism. It's just not the most healthy way to do it.

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