Anybody who has used thes products please post your review. Im going to take TRAC Extreme Pre Wo and either Dark Matter or Myozene Po Wo. I have containers of both. Myozene I only used 1 time and I stoped cause I realized I was taking in to much creatine while using it with Size on and Super pump. Dark Matter I used for 2 weeks while using TRAC and I cant say I noticed much of a difference as to just taking TRAC alone. I trust MHP as to all there products work great, but I here so much about Myozene being the top musclebuilder these days. Myozene has hydrolyzed whey isolate and dark matter is just aminos, Myozene uses just Creatine MONO as to Dark matter uses a creatine blend, Myozene uses dextrose and Dark matter uses waxymaize. Myozene in my opionion seems to be more of a efective formula becuase of the higher protein content and carbs also with the solid dose of Mono that you cant go wrong with. Anyway just post your thoughts and opions on these two. Im thinking of mjust going with the myozene since it has a solid reputation and is the first prouduct of its kind.