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Genetically Modified Foods, good or bad?

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    Genetically Modified Foods, good or bad?

    I opted for #2.

    1-Do developed countries have any need to introduce more GM foods into their markets?

    2-Should the methods be perfected purely for countries with a food crisis - due to shortages or land which is too harsh to grow 'normal' crops?

    3-Are you happy to buy & consume food which proudly declares on the label that it is genetically modified?

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    I think doing things like making food crops able to survive in harsh conditions like those in Africa would be beneficial but modifying plants to be their own pesticide and herbicide could be a bad move and could fuck with the natural balance.

    There is also a technique they are using to prevent cross-pollination where the gene is dormant until a chemical is added. I think in the long run this could be very evil. The companies that make these will modify plants to a point where they won't even produce seeds without the chemical and then charge big money for the chemical to unsterilize the crops thus building a monopoly on our food sources, one of these companies is AstraZeneca who would be glad to do the same to our livestock and even to humans. They would control when our food could be produced and when humans could reproduce none of which would be possible without the chemical or drug to reverse the sterilization they introduced through genetic mods. What if in the future children are born sterile and you'd have to buy a drug to be able to give birth like reverse birth-control pills? Shit like that scares me the most.... I believe that we have to have very close regulation on these technologies....
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