Building Lean Mass Trough dha & epa Supplementation

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    Exclamation Building Lean Mass Trough dha & epa Supplementation

    as a dietary rule dha & epa supplementation is very important to the amount of essential fatty acid intake recommended by most health care practitioners

    Are you putting enough epa and dha/efa into your diet regimen?

    eating fish daily is probably a safe way to guarantee the daily amount efa's into your diet. But theoretically using a dietary supplement shows a faster and better over all improvement.

    Let look at why using an omega-3 supplement over just eating fish is crucial to efa intake.

    fish oil thats highly concentrated to it molecular distillation is a very powerful and highly digestible supplement. The part of taking fish need to be incorporated into a diet. Much like your morning proteins are.

    My mornings consist of two fat scoops of IronMagLabs Essence EFA
    I also include (SPAM) to compliment this protein ratio. I use a High Dose Fish Oil called (SPAM) is doctor recommended (Dr SPAM) top fatty acid researcher and lab tested for purity and high quality ingredients.

    combining the both of these efa supplements should put any body builder on the threshold of peak optimal health..eating plenty of fish is also a great idea

    Thas my efa science for the day

    Put them back into your diet after intense training ...your brain and body need them...they consist highly of the building block of your body.

    use SPAM and IronMagLabs Essence EFA Protein
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    We get it, you have a fucking hardon for Fish Oil. We do not need a post by you every twenty minutes telling us so. Stop it.
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    Dude, you really like that Spam. Do tell, where can we get some Spam?

    Or better still, quit spamming.

    One great thing about this forum is that it doesn't ban any and all urls or links or mentions of brands - but that doesn't mean you can abuse that freedom on an ongoing basis.


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    i think the idea was good...

    but your execution, aaron, was pathetic
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