Nimbus Nutrition looking for Athletes to participate in product testing. We are looking for individuals that have any of the following specific criteria:

1. Have taken Pro-hormones and are planning to do another cycle
2. Individuals that have previously taken Thermo-genics and are currently taking them.
3. Individuals that are currently participating in any organized athletics, especially college, semi-pro, or pro.
4. Athletes that are in competition or tournaments, especially weight regulated sports
5. Athletes that participate in endurance sports such as long distance running, cycling, etc.
6. General Athletes that have a desire to increase performance.

We have several different types of logs we are wanting to do.
14 day mini Logs - Swell
30 Day Logs - Swell
30 Day logs - Poseidon
14 Day mini Logs - Poseidon
4 Day Logs - Abyss
14 Day Reviews (no actual logging) - Swell, Poseidon, Blast
4 day review (no actual logging) - Abyss
10 Day Log - NEW PRODUCT

If you are interested in testing any of these products, please contact me at