injured !!! what to do??

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    injured !!! what to do??

    hi guys gonna post this in 2 sections as it is about AS and cardi/training

    i tore my rotator cuff tendon and havent been able to train for 2 months
    i can do light bicep and tricep nthing else but even that may agravate it!!!!

    i have been told by a specialist to not train except cardio for next 2 months while he treats it, he said i may be able to come back sooner but only with treatment a nd rest

    this is the worst day in my life as i feel like i will loose years of good muscle
    i wiegh 224ibs but my bf is prob 18 to 20%
    so here are my questions

    i can use this time to get ripped but want to keep as much muscle as possible untill i can train again.

    do i just diet and walk for cardio? so i dont loose too much muscle?
    can i take an AS to help me not loose while im not training or will this make me fat?

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    it´s better full recuperate than try to comeback in the midle.

    many times i get minus njury of the rotator, my medicine s to rest and decrease the weights.
    good look

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    clen maybe, anti-catabolic supposedly, low dose test also might help you retain while keeping weight down. Although if your 18-20 bf why dont you just change your diet because oviously it isnt working
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