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help with workout routine change

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    help with workout routine change

    I've read a lot lately about changing up your workout so your body doesn't get used to it and you start to lose "progression." I've heard you should change your workout around 8 weeks, some say longer than that though. Some don't always specify HOW to change your workouts and a few say just to maybe change around your workout order. So instead of doing your exercises in the order of lets say a, b, c, then d, you change it around to doing maybe d, c, b, and a. Or completely changing it to exercises f, g, h, i (completely different workouts). I've also heard of if you do full body workouts to change to something else for a while like interval training etc.

    I'm not sure what is exactly right or anything so what I'm worried about is what if I decide to do interval training or change up my exercises I don't want to go BACK to that workout regimen and have lost a lot of my progression. For instance if I change from doing bench presses to doing flyes instead or incline bench instead, will I be gaining more strength in THAT workout and losing it in my regular bench? Is that something I should expect, or should I be continually growing as long as I keep my nutrition and training consistent? I need to prob. change my workout b/c I'm not really making any more gains but I don't want to screw up all my work.


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    Okay, breathe.

    There. Good.

    Now, what are you doing currently, how long have you been doing it, what are your goals and what calories are you running?

    PS welcome to the board.
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    He doesnt know how many calories he's running.....
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