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Magnetic Therapy

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    Magnetic Therapy

    OK, I know what you're thinking: Geesus H. not another stupid thread about some quack therapy...

    That's what a friend of mine thought when it was suggested to her to try it for some chronic leg pain issues. She was given the magnets to try so she said "what the hell". She told me tonight that her pains have reduced considerably.

    Anyone else try this or is it really just another gimmick?


    I'm seriously considering it next time my arthritis flares up in my knee.

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    Could be the placebo effect. You know in WWI when they ran out of morphine they just injected saline solution and it worked great usually. The mind is a powerful thing. I guess it would be worth a try if nothing else works. Those baseball players swear by the titanium necklaces they wear (I think it's titanium, someone help me out here)
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