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maintain muscle with no exercise

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    maintain muscle with no exercise

    hey guys, just looking for some positve feed back for support and motivation

    ive been stuck at home for 6 weeks now, mostly sitting or lying on the couch ,as of now. i had acl and meniscal reconstruction/ surgery just last week, which keeps me in this stagnant state. i just started pt, but besides thats im mostly sitting with my leg elevated due to swelling. im 5' 4" /180 lbs. 15% body fat and rising. no more working out, no eating schedule, my diet is all f'd up. i feel real lousy. my diet has always followed my gym and work schedule for the most part, but now that im stuck at home, its hard to adhere to. im not just talking about eating healthy, but also eating in general, having food to eat, healthy food to eat, eating on time, eating to much or eating to little. my meals are normally 6-8 a day, now its hard to manage that sometimes. somedays i would take protein shakes all day( half servings with milk/20 grams protein/ 250cal/ 6x in total) and eat two regular meals. i can see myself already melting down, losing size and definition. im scared to even look at the scale. how much should i be eating each day(calories/protein/carbs/fats) being that im basically doing nothing, to at least keep some mass? im relativley new to this site, and im on, basically every day, with all the free time i have. im psyched to get back in the gym, lot of good info in these threads. keeps me motivated. start prrs when i get back. right now, i just want to get my eating in order.

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    You are going to have to track what you eat and find out what your maintenance calorie intake is and stick to it.
    Maybe others have some better suggestions but that's what I have done when I had a screwed up knee disrupting my workouts.

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