We rolled out a few new products that have quickly become top sellers:

Androgens are precursors to testosterone and estrogen, meaning they imitate their effects on and in our bodies. All the Whey’s Andro XXL contains an optimal balance of ingredients for a safe, effective alternative to illegal steroids and pro-hormones. It’s legal. It’s effective. It’s fierce. For an obvious jump in energy, strength, and focus, Andro XXL is unrivaled.

Waxy maize starch is our state-of-the art post workout supplement. Derived from corn starch, this naturally occurring carbohydrate is neutral tasting, and the fastest way that exists to optimal glycogen replenishment without any bloat. It zips through the stomach, far faster than dextrose, maltodextrin, or any combination of them, and is instantly absorbed by the intestines.


Our new and improved Fat Burner delivers an unmatched punch of thermal power to spark your focus, ignite your workout, and superheat your fat burning ‘til it’s raging full blast. By combining Geranamine, Chocamine, Caffeine, and Yohimbine, we’ve unleashed thoroughbred force without hunger or the jitters.

The best part is, the board members get em at a discounted rate!! Make sure you guys type in "dor12" into the coupon code section and get 12% off of your orders. And don't be afraid to ask for samples of products that you want to try!!