Getting is back at 32, after years of....well....nothing

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    Getting is back at 32, after years of....well....nothing

    Hey all, great forum, been reading around, now, I need a little assistance.

    First off, some background.

    I am 6'2, currently 250lbs, and 32 years old. I am a part time father of 3. My wife and I have our children on the same weeks, basically week on week off. The kid weeks are my hardest to get to the gym because we really focus on them. I am an 8-5 office guy.

    I was, back in Aug of 08, 290 lbs.

    I started running, I have improved my health to a degree my doctor couldn't believe in less then a year. The numbers on my physical were such a change, he retested a few of them.

    Needless to say, running has changed my life. I hit up about 3-4 miles a day Elliptical and about 2-3 miles a day running. With maybe 2 days off a week. I do running in the morning, and elliptical at night. Sometimes I switch.

    I feel great.

    My diet I started when I began running was Weight Watchers. It really taught me some great basics about eating, like, normal people eat Buffalo Wings once every few weeks, maybe 6-12 per serving, and not 3 times a week, 30 at a time. Haha

    The complaint about the WW diet (which I paid for 3 months, and quit once i got the thing down) was that, at times, my energy level would be low.

    So, my plan was this, drop some weight, get my heart in shape by running, then begin some sort of weight training program.

    In HS, I played football, and was squatting a sh!t load of weight, and benching like 350 max, and really rolled.

    I noticed after 30, the rules change. After doing some weight training about 4 months ago, I developed some nice tendinitis in my right arm. A few injections later, I thought to give it up for a little, and continue with the cardio training.

    Well, an Anytime Fitness just opened about half a mile from my house, literally on my running route. I joined because I know damn well, I can make it there at least 4-5 times a week to weight train.

    My goals are to continue weight loss, goal weight is 220, and build some muscle. Not looking to throw any cars around anymore, but wouldn't mind, at 32, taking my shirt off in public for the first time since I was 22. I live 10 mins from the VA Beach Ocean front and have been there 3 times, cus I look like the people I make fun of.

    So, these workouts I have seen on here, in the opinions of you guys, the members, what would meet my needs the best? Do I "max out" still, then do my reps in %'s like the old days?

    Should I supplement my meals with some protein drinks to increase my energy that I feel I lack sometimes due to the weight loss diet?

    I thank anyone in advance for taking the time to help, I look forward to being a part of this community. It's been a long time since I have done this, but I am sticking with it, since I am tired of feeling bad for my wife having to have sex with me. Haha

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    Hi there!

    Link in my sig first...
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    well, that's it isnt it.


    Great post! Looks like a firm first step.

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