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    Question New and am always looking to learn more

    I am looking for a workout that will build bulk up.

    A little about my self I am 25 5' 8" weight atm do to stopping for years only 165 lol yeah I am skinny little bitch again. Not to sound full of my self, but I have insaine genetics I can look at a weight and gain mass j/k but you know what i mean. I myself have never taken steriods and don't really want to. My gains i get from lifting are massive every week. I actually worked out with my partner who took them and I gained just as fast taking only carbs and protien. I guess all of are bodies are different.

    About 5 years ago I worked out very seriously never missing a day of working out ever for 2 years. Taking in a perfect amount of carbs and protien per day. I lived by my workouts and became obsessed with them to a point that maybe wasn't healthy.

    I recently started working out again and surpised at how fast my gains are going up. Maybe its because i have worked out before and I know what to do or maybe its luck.

    This might sound dumb and i know you should never go by how much you can lift, but my sets of 10 benching went up 35 lbs in two weeks. Has anyone ever heard of this? I am taking no supplements what so ever even though I know I should take some protien and up my carb intake atleast. I am going to wait and see what my genetics can do and test them to there limits.

    Let me be the first to tell everyone that losing muscle sucks when you realize how much you lost lol.

    So anyways enough about me, i am here to find a good workout. I like to workout 6 days a week and like to workout chest and arms twice a week. I notice no gain if I do it once a week. My muscles repair very fast. I am obsessed with working out calve muscles so I am always looking for a good workout for those as well. I am not a pussy I can handle a tuff workout and have the time to do them.

    Post a bulk workout please.

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