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My most craziest workout

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    My most craziest workout

    I took my first ju jits ju class most brutal workout I have ever done. It doesn't even compare to going to the gym and lifting for 2 hours. Feels like every fiber of your body as been ripped apart. Can't wait for the next class tomorrow. Anyone else taking ju jits ju or something similar?

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    I used to take kickboxing. The sparring would just wipe me out. Especially when you spar with someone who is a lot better then you and more conditioned. I remember almost puking and fainting many times. Very rewarding though. Good luck with your training.

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    Judo. When we do Newaza (grappling or groundwork) it can destroy you, especially when you're fighting from a submissive position!
    It's inconsistent though as a workout. I got back from class just now and feel fine. Other times I come back and can barely sleep for the sore eccentrically abused muscles!
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